John Dewey High School

Alumni Association


The John Dewey Alumni Association was established because of our profound gratitude for the education we received at John Dewey High School, the educators who inspired us and the life-long friendships we built. We are the legacy of the Dewey experiment. JDAA advocates for the curricula, programs and policies that successfully served us as students and can serve current and future students. We are a repository of the records and remembrances of the triumphs and heartbreaks of Dewey’s history.

Your Support is Needed!
We need you to be part of the J.D.A.A. ! 

Join the JDAA and participate on one of the committees. You can be in Florida and participate via phone. Click here to join.

 A group of former and current Dewey teachers and alumni have gotten together and are planning a 50th Anniversary Reunion.  Please email if you are interested in attending or helping out. Thank you. Sue Epstein

Events Committee--assist in planning  small event during the year such as cultural outings as well as the 50th Anniversary of  John Dewey High School

Alumni Relations Committee--assist in reaching out to alumni  and communicating what the JDAA does in its various capacities

Communications Committee--assist in writing for our newsletter, posting on FB and website..and presenting the JDAA to the greater Dewey community

Legal committee--assist with interpreting and implementing bylaws and obtaining tax exempt status