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Call to Action Against Co-Location

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Call to Action for Dewey Alumni

The New York City Department of Education has proposed co-location at John Dewey High School; adding an additional school inside the Dewey building with 500 students because of under-utilization. The John Dewey Alumni Association is opposed to this as it threatens the progress the school has made. Dewey earned a B rating on its DOE report card and was cited as a “Best High School” by US News and World Report ranking 127th in the state as a “Silver” high school.

Moreover, Dewey was not listed in the High School catalog and despite this; enrollment is over 80% of capacity, with almost 1900 students and not 1700 as reported by the DOE.

We now call all Dewey alumni to action! Time is of the essence!

CONTACT members of the City Council’s Education Committee at: AND Chancellor Walcott

to oppose co-location. (see sample letter below)

Voice your opposition to divide the Dewey campus into smaller schools!

SIGN the Petition! Click HERE to sign the Electronic Petition or copy/paste the following link into your web browser:

Make your position clear!

ATTEND the hearing of the City Council education committee to support Resolution #1395-A at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, October 2, at 250 Broadway, 16th floor. The resolution calls upon the DOE to institute a one-year moratorium on school closings and co-locations for a study of their impact, especially whether they have a disparate negative impact on low-income communities, communities of color, disabled students and homeless students.

SHARE what Dewey has meant to you!

JOIN the JDAA and the entire Dewey community on October 23rd at the meeting of the Panel on Educational Policy at 6:00 pm at John Dewey High School to demonstrate to the Chancellor our opposition to co-location.

Wear your Dewey colors proudly!

INVITE your fellow alumni to join the effort and seek their support and participation in our write-in campaign and in signing the petition.

Please support all of these actions to demonstrate our commitment to “Let Dewey be Dewey.”


Your JDAA at work.

For information, please contact BunjiFromartz,

Or call: 206-338-4177.


New York City Department of Education

Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott

Tweed Courthouse

52 Chambers Street

New York, New York 10007





TO: Office of the City Council

Dear Council Member ___________:

I am writing to you in support of Resolution 1395-A, calling on the Department of Education to institute a one-year moratorium in order to study the impact of co-locations and school closures, especially whether they have a disparately negative impact on low-income communities, communities of color, disabled students and homeless students.

I write also to oppose the proposal to co-locate a school with John Dewey High School. This proposal is based on the idea that Dewey has just over 1600 students, when in reality it has over 1900 students,at around 80% enrollment. This level of enrollment has been achieved despite not having been in the High School directory, and an erroneous report of Dewey having closed due to a fire caused by Superstorm Sandy, and being funded for 1600 students. Under new leadership, Dewey has battled back from recent difficulties and earned a DOE “B” rating and a mention in US News and World Report as a quality high school. Co-location threatens what is a success story in New York City public education. This proposal needs to be taken off the table so Dewey can maintain its progress.

Please join me, an alumnus of John Dewey High School, along with the entire community of staff and students, in strengthening public education and “Let Dewey be Dewey.”


Oppose Co-location! First meeting update.

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Below is a summary of the 9/18/13 CEC Meeting opposing co-location at Dewey submitted by former JDHS faculty member Tom Heinegg:


On Wednesday evening, September 18th there was a District 21 Community Education Council (CEC) meeting to vote on a proposal for the opening and co-location of a new district high school with John Dewey High School. Dewey’s principal, Kathleen Elvin, and many of her staff, students and parents were in attendance. Representing the John Dewey Alumni Association were Elsie Chan, Bunji Fromartz, Adrienne Grande, Tom Heinegg, Rosa Riccio Pietanza and Ed Unneland.


Alumnus and Councilman Dominic Recchia began by expressing his total opposition to the plan, to the cheers from the audience. Six current students addressed the CEC and audience and they stole the show. They were insightful, witty and engaging. With their poise and elegance, they could have been from any Dewey era.


The current principal spoke and I am sure has re-energized the entire school. The math and social studies APs spoke as did a social studies teacher. From the JDAA, Elsie Chan and Tom Heinegg spoke passionately about what was, as well as what can continue to be. Ed Unneland, ’81 gave a very personal and riveting account of how Dewey staff supported him and helped him become a successful professional and person.


In the end, the CEC voted unanimously to oppose the co-location proposal.


This was a dress rehearsal for the next hurdle which is the Public Hearing on October 23rd to be held at John Dewey High School’s auditorium. Dominic Recchia, and others, have stated that a massive turnout is crucial for the co-location to taken off the table. Any and all JDAA efforts would be most welcome.

Congratulations to the John Dewey High School class of 2013!

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  The J.D.A.A. gave the Dewey Ideals Award for the third year to two Dewey graduates. We are proud of all of you!

Brandon Steiner was the speaker at graduation and Marty Markowitz spoke as well.

Lenny Warner Publishes an EBook

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Lenny Warner (former Dewey teacher)  and his son wrote this book and used a pen name.This is the link to get it for free on June 26th. After that it is a few dollars.

Big Cats That Roar

Dewey Alumni BBQ

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Gather at The Boulevard Tavern for $5 BBQ and friends and teachers. Be there at 5:00 P.M. for lots of fun!" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">JDAA FaceBook Event Page

Networking Events

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Attention Dewey grads! Join fellow alumni and teachers for a night of networking, food, fun, and reminiscing. Looking for a job or some professional advice? Build professional connections, gain some advice, and build new relationships. Best of all, it's a great way to begin involvement in the John Dewey Alumni Association. Many of us attribute their careers to the talents we began developing at Dewey, and others are just starting their careers now (in the worst economy since the Great Depression).

Catch up, get connected, and strengthen the legacy that made us!


Dewey special: $ 6 Martinis. Spread the word, especially grads from '94 to the present! See you there.


Any questions, feel free to private message me, and see details below on joining our mailing list!



Greg Monte '00


JDAA Board of Directors



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Robotics Team at the tournaments on Saturday, March 9th.

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Teri Brennan

This video captures one of the great highlights from last week's Robotics tournament. There is music playing constantly and often groups dancing between matches. It was so great to see some of the Dewey kids jump in (royal blue t-shirts, one with blue hair), especially a couple of the really shy ones. The rest of us were up in the bleachers screaming and cheering them on. I love these kids.

People's Best New Chef, Midatlantic

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Dewey Class of 1995's own Sylva Senat is nominated for Food and Wine Magazine's Best New Chef: Mid-Atlantic!!


This is a tremendous honor and you can vote for him to win the category by going to the link and clicking his name. There's also a great bio on him and if you're in Philly, why not visit him at Tashan Resturant where he is the Head Chef!


Thank you to Lisa L James '97 for the heads up on this amazing honor bestowed upon Sylva.

Ed Saltzman Celebrates his 80th Birthday!

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Hi All, my name is Gregg Salzman. My father, Ed Salzman, was the Dean of Boys and an Astronomy and Earth Science teacher at John Dewey High School from the day the school opened until he retired in June of 1991. During that time he met thousands of kids and hundreds of faculty. In his own way, I believe that he may have touched the lives of many people. As my family and I are now getting ready to celebrate his 80th birthday, I thought it might be nice to see if anyone out in the extended John Dewey community had any memories, stories, or just kind words to share with my father at this momentous milestone in his life. If you have a minute and something to share, please feel free to post something on this blog that I created for him. Thanks.

Ed Salzman Blog