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Next Volunteer Meeting

Hi All, You can sign into Skype as a guest if you have Google Chrome. If you would like to participate in the March 17th meeting, use this url to go to Skype and enter the meeting as a guest. ( please copy and paste the link if it does not work)

The meeting is called for 1:30 pm. It may take a little while for us to log on, so please be patient.

Our next volunteer meeting is on June 2,  at 1:30 at the Central Library, 10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn N.Y. We will be in room 6.

Please RSVP if you are attending  either in person or remotely by emailing to

Thank you everyone!

See you soon!

Request Current Info

We are thrilled to announce the planning of the 50th Anniversary Celebration for John Dewey High School! The event, exact date TBA, will take place in Spring 2020. It is a joint effort between JDHS and a group of dedicated alumni and retired teachers.

We are reaching out to the entire Dewey community (alumni, retired teachers, administrators, etc.) to update our records, so all parties can be kept informed who wish to participate in this great milestone in our school's history! We also hope that you can volunteer to assist in the celebration planning and execution in some capacity.

Everyone interested is requested to please e-mail the information below to: for the event database.

* Your name as known while at Dewey.
* Your current e-mail
* Years attended Dewey/or on staff at Dewey.
* Graduation year (if applicable).
* Would you like to volunteer? (prospective volunteers will be e-mailed in the weeks to come)

Please share this information with your alumni friends and Dewey colleagues, especially if they do not have a FB account, and have them contact us with their email addresses.