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The John Dewey Alumni Association welcomes alumni, former students and faculty members from 1969 through the present.

The JDAA fosters connections amongst all Deweyites through events, newsletters, websites and social media.  Our Archive Site provides a rich resource that captures the school history through news coverage, academic materials, videos, photos, commentary and yearbooks.  These sites preserve the pholosophy that informed our education and celebrates the legacies of those that lived the Dewey experience.  The John Dewey Alumni Association mantains a relationship with the current students and faculty of John Dewey High School, offering support through scholarships, grants and mentoring.

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Alfred Bevilacqua awarding the 2016   Dewey Ideals Award.
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The 2016-2017 John Dewey Alumni Association Board of Directors, Finance Committee and Audit Committee


Board of Directors

Christopher Andre

Alfred Bevilacqua

Natasha M. Coates

Susan Epstein

Adrienne Grande

Horace Hamilton

Thomas Heinegg

Rob Kanyuk

Sandi Levitsky-Connor

Tyhesia Lilly

Albert W. Medina

Cathy Quartara

Bari L Snyder

Edmund Unneland

Felicia Palmer

Executive Board

Adrienne Grande President

Edmund Unneland, Vice President

Christopher Andre, Co-Vice President

Natasha Coates, Secretary

Felicia Palmer, Treasurer

Finance Committee

Adrienne Grande

Felicia Palmer

Thomas Heinegg

Audit Committee

Barbara Abramowitz

Eileen McGivney

Janice Deutsch

John Dewey High School
50 Avenue X, Brookyn, NY

Education is not something to be forced upon children and youth from without, but is the growth of capacities with which human beings are endowed at birth."

~John Dewey~


Audit Committee


Barbara Abramowitz

Eileen McGiverny

Edmund Unneland

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Tuesday, Oct 17 at 6:30 PM - 8:15 PM
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Tuesday, Nov 21 at 6:30 PM - 8:15 PM

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